How to Lace Up Pickleball Shoes – Learn Shoe-lacing Techniques

Pickleball is a fast-paced game where a movement of hesitation or hurdle can turn your victory into a defeat. In these conditions, lacing your shoes completely can become the hero of your game. You must be wondering why we are picking up this question. You will be amazed to learn that more than 70% of pickleball players tie their shoelaces incorrectly according to Tandfonline. In the beginning, I also laced my shoelaces incorrectly which led to bunions in my feet. At first, I thought that my shoes were not good enough but then a pickleball friend of mine told me that I was not lacing my shoelaces correctly. He told me how to lace up pickleball shoes correctly.

To Lace your pickleball shoelaces correctly, insert the shoelace at the bottom eyelet, crisscrossing up the shoe, and tie a tight bow on the top.

Make sure that laces length is equal for balance and make adjustments for a stable healthy. For different kinds of foot conditions, there are different ways to tie shoe laces. Let’s tie up your shoes in a way that goes beyond mere fashion, ensuring your shoes become comfortable for your feet.

How to lace up pickleball shoes

Different Shoe Lacing Methods

Understanding different lacing methods can help you deal with different foot issues. Let’s take a look at different methods and why they are used.

Method 1: Heel Lock

The Heel Lock lacing method is especially beneficial for players having high heel problem or who is looking for extra help inside the heel area. This technique helps to reduce heel slippage, providing greater stability and preventing pain during lateral movements.

  • Insert the shoelace at the lowest eyelets and keep them crisscrossing until you reach the top eyelet on each.
  • At the top eyelet create a loop on each side by threading the lace through the top eyelets, then move them and thread them through the opposite side.
  • Also make sure that the loops are comfortable but snug, supplying the favored degree of heel help.
  • Now tie up both laces.

Method 2: Skipping Eyelets

If you have any discomfort in a certain area of your feet you can use this method to relieve pressure and pain on that area. This method is also beneficial for conditions like bunions.

  • Starts inserting shoelaces in the eyelet crisscrossing upward as you normally do.
  • The only difference is to skip the eyelets crisscrossing where you feel pain in your feet.
  • Make sure that tension is on the lacing, maintaining a balance between the laced and skipped sections.
  • Now continue the crisscross lacing pattern until you reach the top of the shoe.
  • Tie a bow at the top of the shoe.

Method 3: Window Lacing

The Window Lacing method is just like Skipping eyelets the only difference is that you always skip the inner part of the shoe in this method. If you are a pickleball player having high arches or sensitivity in the middle part of the foot then this method is for you. It provides extra room and reduces pressure in the windowed section while maintaining a secure fit in other areas.

  • Begin crisscrossing your shoelaces through the bottom of the shoe, as you normally do.
  • In the middle of the shoe, where you want to create a “window.” skip the crisscrossing to create an opening.
  • This skipped section allows extra room in that section of the shoe.
  • Then resume the crisscross lacing pattern above the windowed section.
  • Continue lacing through the remaining eyelets until you reach the top and tie a bow at the top of the shoe.

Method 4: Straight Bar Lacing

Straight Bar Lacing is mostly popular among players who have wide feet. This method minimizes pressure on the top of the foot, which makes it comfortable for tight shoes. You can also use this lacing method if you are struggling with dorsal foot issues.

  • In this method you don’t have to crisscross the shoe laces only pass them through the eyelets in a parallel pattern.
  • But remember to maintain the tension on the laces otherwise your shoes become loose.
  • Now at the top of the shoe tie a bow to secure the lacing.
How to lace up your pickleball shoes - lacing techniques chart


In conclusion, it’s all about how to lace up pickleball shoes. Pickleball is totally about quick lateral movements, hence lacing up your shoes correctly becomes more important. I have guided you through some lacing methods that could be useful to you. You can choose any of the above methods according to your needs and playing style. Understanding your feet’s needs and choosing the lacing method accordingly can alleviate your overall performance.


Can lacing up pickleball shoes help prevent common foot problems?

Yes, choosing the ideal lacing approach can contribute to preventing many foot problems, including blisters, bunions, and discomfort. Adjusting your lacing to your foot’s unique condition can offer higher assistance and reduce the hazard of trouble.

Best lacing method for wide feet or high arches in pickleball?

Players with wide feet may benefit from lacing methods that provide extra room, such as Skipping Eyelets or Window Lacing. While for high-arch players, techniques like Straight Bar Lacing may minimize pressure on the top of the foot.

Should I consult a professional for advice on lacing methods?

If you have specific foot concerns or conditions, consulting a podiatrist or a footwear professional can provide personalized guidance. They can help you choose the right lacing method for your unique foot anatomy and needs.

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