Can You Wear Running Shoes for Pickleball? Which One To Get

Pickleball is one of the fastest-developing sports, which takes the racket-carrying world by storm. Only inside the USA, there are more than eight million players, according to Business Insider. The quality part of this game is that it attracts players of all ages thanks to its affordability, social nature, and low-impact bodily activity. The only component needed to play the game is a pickleball paddle, a plastic ball, and, of course, a pickleball courtroom. Can you wear running shoes for pickleball?

You cannot use running shoes for pickleball because they don’t provide the stability, support, and cushioning required for the game.

Pickleball involves rapid lateral moves and short reflexes, which make shoes a crucial part of the sport. Let me give you the answer to the question: can you wear running shoes for pickleball? Well, the simple answer to this question is a huge “NO”. Because walking shoes are designed for forward motion, they lack the vital lateral support, grip, and balance required for lateral moves and abrupt stops. So, they pose a chance of slipping and injuries, which makes them insufficient for pickleball.

On the opposite hand, pickleball footwear is specifically designed to provide functions like lateral support, court docket-pleasant grip, and stability at some stage in short movements. Which makes them critical for protection, overall performance, and usual amusement on the pickleball court docket. Let’s first compare running shoes with pickleball shoes.

Can You Wear Running Shoes for Pickleball?

Choosing the Right Shoes for Pickleball: Running Shoes vs Pickleball Shoes

Well, if you are an occasional player, then running shoes can be a temporary option. But if you are a serious pickleball player, then selecting the perfect pair of shoes for pickleball is crucial. Not only can they significantly impact your game, but they also save you from slipping and injuries. Let’s first compare running shoes with pickleball shoes and understand why running shoes are not ideal for pickleball.

Running ShoesPickleball shoes
Running shoes are, in particular, designed to help forward and backward motion.Pickleball shoes are crafted to aid fast lateral moves, brief pivots, and abrupt stops.
They offer cushioning and surprise absorption that is nicely suitable for sports consisting of jogging or running.They are built to save you ankle injuries in the course of those high-intensity moves.
They lack stability and assist for lateral moves because running involves moving in a straight line.They provide balance and support for fast lateral movements.
The tread design on walking shoes is engineered to grip road surfaces. While that is perfect for strolling, it may not be able to deliver the essential grip on pickleball courts.They feature a wider base and supportive heel counters to provide stability and agility.
Pickleball shoe soles are designed with court-specific tread patterns to offer the maximum grip and traction on the court surface, whether it is the indoor or outside floor.

Now, let’s consider some features that pickleball shoes must have.

Traction and Grip

The first and foremost important thing to look for in pickleball shoes is traction. Pickleball courts vary from indoor to outdoor, and the soles of the shoes can make a world of difference. Look for pickleball shoes with court outsoles proposing a tread sample designed for the greatest traction on the court floor. This tread design ensures you’ve got a stable grip, lowering the possibility of slipping and improving your ability to make short, agile actions.

Lateral Support Small

Pickleball is all about quick lateral movements and sudden stops. As you dart backward and forward in the course of rallies, the strong lateral guide is essential to save you from ankle accidents. Seek shoes with strengthened aspects and solid midsoles, providing the assistance needed to execute those fast lateral movements without hesitation.


With lateral help, stability is also critical for maintaining balance at some stage in unexpected stops and route adjustments. A wider shoe base and a supportive heel counter are features to search for, as they could help save you ankle rolls and improve your agility on the court.


Long and intense matches are also hard on your joints. Because of this, ample cushioning in the midsole is crucial. With the proper stability and cushioning, they can help absorb harmful impact and give you the strength required for speedy, explosive movements.


Most players don’t consider breathability in pickleball shoes, but remember, pickleball can get severe, and your feet may fit up a sweat. Shoes with air mesh upper ensure excellent airflow to keep your feet cool and snug. Good airflow helps manage moisture and prevents soreness all through excessive-energy fits.


Good pickleball shoes are specifically tailored to endure the demands of the game. Look for footwear with durable substances, specifically in high-wear areas, just like the toe and sole. Investing in durable footwear now not only ensures their longevity but also ensures constant performance in the courtroom.

Arch Support

Arch support is very important, especially for players with high arches. Consider your foot type and arch support necessities. Some pickleball shoes include a built-in arch support. In contrast, others allow you to insert custom insoles for a personalized fit.

Running Shoes vs Pickleball Shoes – Comparison Chart

Running shoes vs Pickleball shoes - Comparison Chart

Final Thoughts

After all this discussion, I hope you get your answer for Are running shoes good for pickleball. Well, it’s all about what you’re aiming for on the pickleball court. Running shoes can serve as a temporary solution for casual matches with friends. But they cannot provide you with the necessary grip, support, and stability that good pickleball shoes must have. So, if you are a serious pickleball player who loves playing the game, then you must have good pickleball shoes for yourself.


What kind of shoes do you wear to play pickleball?

It is recommended to put on devoted pickleball shoes. Because they provide the necessary lateral support and court-specific tread for grip, balance, and cushioning. They are tailored to fulfill the precise needs of the game, ensuring overall better performance, comfort, and protection.

Are pickleball shoes really necessary?

The answer to this question depends on your devotion and dedication. Suppose you are an occasional player who only plays the game on specific events. Then your casual running shoes are enough. But if you are a serious pickleball player who is looking to enhance your performance and dominate the court. Then I strongly recommend you to have devoted pickleball shoes because they are designed with features like lateral support, court-specific tread, balance, and cushioning tailored to the needs of pickleball.

What is the difference between running shoes and pickleball shoes?

Running shoes are designed for only forward and backward motion and offer minimum lateral help. They are tailored for the multidirectional and lateral movements in pickleball, providing balance and grip on the court. They prioritize agility, stability during quick direction changes, and lateral support to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injuries during lateral movements.

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