Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleball Shoes: Choosing What’s Best for You

In pickleball, where agility and lateral movements are most important in keeping the ball in play, your pickleball shoes are your best companion on the court. Best pickleball shoes provide excellent stability, support, and Traction to help you excel on the court. But here is a twist because: not all pickleball courts are created equal. So, requirements for the best pickleball shoes differ with different type of courts. Where It’s a chunk of a pickleball puzzle, I am here to help you navigate the indoor vs outdoor pickleball shoe dilemma.

Indoor vs outdoor pickleball shoes

Pickleball is quickly growing in popularity in the US as the number of players increased from 4 million to 8 million in the previous year, according to Statista. With the growing popularity, the number of pickleball players is also increasing, and nowadays, pickleball courts are made with different materials. Indoor pickleball courts are made from food or other synthetic materials like PVC.

So indoor pickleball shoes should have non-marking gum rubber soles for good Traction on these smooth surfaces. On the other hand, outdoor pickleball courts are mainly made from asphalt, concrete, or outdoor court tiles. So outdoor pickleball shoes should have durable soles capable of providing better Traction on varied terrains.

Best Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleball Shoes: Comparison

Indeed, shoes don’t make you a winner, but they surely can help you excel on the court. That’s why choosing the best pickleball shoes that match your gameplay and preferences is crucial. Let’s explore what you should look for in indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes.

Choosing the Best Indoor Pickleball Shoes

On the pickleball court, if your shoes lack the necessary grip and Traction, you are putting yourself in risky condition. Without a proper grip, you may struggle to balance yourself, which could cost you the game. So, choosing the best indoor pickleball shoes that provide the necessary grip and Traction is crucial to dominating the court. I will guide you on how you can pick the best indoor pickleball shoes.

Traction and Grip

The secret of an indoor pickleball shoe’s grip lies in the sole design. Look for shoes with non-marking gum rubber soles. They offer superior Traction and grip on indoor courts, allowing you to make quick lateral moves with confidence.


Pickleball includes quick path changes and sudden stops. Your shoes need to provide lateral aid to limit the risk of twisting your ankle. Check for bolstered heel and toe regions in the shoe layout. This greater reinforcement now not only provides balance but also enhances the sturdiness of your footwear, ensuring they are final via infinite fits.


A good indoor pickleball shoe could make a world of difference, especially in long and tough pickleball matches. That’s why look for indoor shoes with adequate cushioning, particularly inside the insole and midsole. Cushioning not only keeps your toes snug but also absorbs shock from sudden moves.


Pickleball can be a severe, sweat-inducing game. Shoes with top airflow and breathable substances help keep your feet cool and dry. Look for designs that include mesh or perforations inside the top to permit airflow.


Durability is not as crucial a factor in indoor shoes. Because they are designed for indoor courts, which have smooth surfaces. They should have some level of durability to face the rigorous of pickleball. Check for strengthened areas in high-put-on zones, just like the toe and outsole. High-excellent substances and construction also make shoes durable.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

The secret to good outdoor court shoes lies in their durability, Traction, and weather resistance. I will tell you some factors to consider while choosing the best outdoor pickleball shoes.

Grip and Traction

The first and foremost important thing for outdoor pickleball shoes is Traction. Because you could be playing on asphalt, concrete, or even on a grassy surface, that’s why outdoor pickleball shoes must excel in providing grip on various surfaces. Look for shoes with rugged and durable outsoles that offer superior Traction and durability on these surfaces because no player likes to slip while hitting a good shoot.


Outdoor courts are mostly made from hard elements and can be tough on pickleball shoes. Therefore, you should look at pickleball shoes with reinforced areas in high-wear zones, such as the toe and outsole. Sturdy construction and durable materials will ensure your shoes withstand the rigours of outdoor play and last through numerous matches.

Weather Resistance

Outdoor play means exposure to different weathers. Look for shoes with weather-resistant features, such as water-resistant uppers or materials that can handle both wet and dry conditions. Such construction will keep your feet comfortable and dry, regardless of the weather conditions.

Support and Stability

Outdoor pickleball often involves rougher and uneven surfaces, which can increase the chance of ankle accidents. This stability and support are crucial factors for outdoor pickleball shoes. Shoes with arch support and wide soles are ideal for such conditions.

FAQs: Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor shoes?

Indoor shoes are designed for smooth and polished indoor surfaces, providing non-marking gum rubber soles for splendid Traction and grip. At the same time, outdoor shoes are tailored for rougher, often choppy outdoor surfaces like asphalt or concrete. They are built with long-lasting soles that offer superior grip and resistance against wear and tear. They also provide climate-resistant functions to handle various outdoor conditions.

Can you wear indoor pickleball shoes outdoors?

Yes, you can wear indoor pickleball shoes outside. However, it is not recommended. Because indoor pickleball shoes are designed mainly for clean, polished indoor courtroom surfaces. When you wear them outside, they could wear and tear early and also don’t provide the same level of Traction as outdoor pickleball shoes.

What to look for in outdoor pickleball shoes?

Durable outsole, exceptional Traction and weather resistance are some key features to look for when looking for good outdoor pickleball shoes. Also make sure that they have lateral support to prevent ankle injuries.


Choosing between indoor vs outdoor pickleball shoes depends on the court surfaces. If you are a pickleball player who mostly plays on indoor courts, then pickleball shoes with non-marking soles are an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you are an outdoor pickleball player, pickleball shoes with Traction and durability should be your main concern. To make the proper choice, examine your playing environment, the frequency of play, comfort, and budget. However, there are also pickleball shoes available in the market that can perform well on both courts. Consider them if you play on both court surfaces.

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